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Sharing a little Aloha and daily inspiration — fashion, beauty, wellness, or whatever fancies me at the moment. A place for me to share my California + Hawaii beach-life, what inspires me as a designer, and my latest passion for clean beauty. Bringing together my lifestyle businesses  – Stacia, Bungalow Fragrance, and Aloha Beautycounter under one thatched roof in a bungalow on the beach.



What's in My Beach Bag?

Stacy Johnson

Vacation getaway underway! Heading to Oahu for a quick break and packing my essentials. What's in my beach bag? Check out my travel must-haves for a much needed beach retreat.

My go-to surf uniform is the Seea Swami surf suit. I'm a boy-leg kinda girl and at 45 do not like (nor need!) my bikini riding up when I'm working a wave. To fully protect my skin instead of a traditional rash guard, I love the full coverage and its one-piece ease. And who wouldn't want to rock that cool contrast zipper in the back?

How do I keep my beauty essentials, car keys, and iPhone dry and sand-free? I'm storing them in this super chic mini pouch by Aloha Collection - a beach girl's quintessential clutch. In my pouch, I'll be stashing my signature island perfume oil, Bungalow Fragrance, for a quick dab behind the ear after a surf session. Smells like my best memories of Hawaii. To keep my skin protected from the island sun, I'll be doning my favorite coconut-infused SPF 30 daily moisturizer by Surfergirl. At the beach, a thick layer of the clear Beautycounter Sun Stick on my T-zone sure looks better than white zinc and works just as good. And for après surf, every girl needs a pink lip and mine is by Beautycounter - Peony lip gloss.

My daily ritual on vacation is pretty much Beach - Eat - Sleep - Repeat. And beach for me is either a paddle board session at Ala Moana, free diving at Waimea , or surfing Canoes in Waikiki. I'm obsessed with surf leggings! A stay-put bikini top by Seea and surf leggings by Salt Gypsy are my favorite. I'm SPF covered and feel sporty and chic on the water. My beach toys include one SUP ATX board, one custom 9' Hawaiian Island Creation surfboard, and one pair of Da Fins for ocean swimming. The best exercise is exploring the deep turquoise waters for hours in these rad fins that let me zip along with the sea turtles. And after a long day at the beach, it's a quick trip to Zippy's for a plate lunch or bowl of Won Tun Min. So ono!

What's my secret beach - can you guess where it is?