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Sharing a little Aloha and daily inspiration — fashion, beauty, wellness, or whatever fancies me at the moment. A place for me to share my California + Hawaii beach-life, what inspires me as a designer, and my latest passion for clean beauty. Bringing together my lifestyle businesses  – Stacia, Bungalow Fragrance, and Aloha Beautycounter under one thatched roof in a bungalow on the beach.



Shake it Up

Stacy Johnson

Who doesn't want to shake up their healthy snack? I've been looking for a great new recipe to transform my boring shakes into something healthy and delicious. Thanks to Robin Shirley of Take Back Your Health lifestyle blog and conference, her yummy Blueberry Hemp Shake has given new life to my dusty Nutribullet!

Here's the quick and simple recipe:

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1 1/2 Cup of Filtered Water

1/4 Cup Hemp Seed

1 Teaspoon Honey

a Dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Mix well in blender

Add a Cup of Frozen Blueberries and One Banana

1 Cup of Ice

Mix well in blender again...and Voila!

Robin said the key is to blend the first 5 ingredients first, then add your fruit and ice for a second round of blending. And where to find your Hemp Seed and Coconut Oil? At your local Trader Joe's of course!

Happy Blending!